This Week at Warsaw Christian Church Week of 10/7-10/13

The Cornwell Twins have come and gone. I think many of you enjoy this change of pace.
This Sunday I will wrap up the sermon series on the Holy Spirit. Again, if you want the entire series (manuscript version) we will be happy to provide it. There is a difference between the manuscript version and the preached version. I use an outline in the pulpit. I say things that are not in the manuscript, and there are things in the manuscript I do not say! The manuscript version is more suitable for further study and reflection.
I am really looking forward to preaching the sermon on Oct. 27 (Reformation Sunday). The reformers. beginning with Luther in 1517, taught that we are saved by faith alone. I fear there are many who have a false understanding of that word “faith.” There are those who believe God exists, and that Jesus is our Savior, and they assume they have true faith. We need to understand the biblical definition of faith. How does the Bible define faith? We will pursue that question on Oct. 27.
Our Wednesday Bible study will move into Isaiah 9 and 10. Last week we saw the amazing prophecy concerning a virgin conceiving a child, a prophecy made 600 years before the birth of Jesus. This week we will see another astonishing prophecy fulfilled by Jesus.
Choir follows Bible study. We could certainly use a few more voices.
On Thursday Marie and I will be attending the annual Gideon;s Pastor;s banquet in Sedalia.
Have a blessed week and make church attendance a high priority.
Pastor Bowman

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