After 18 years of ignorance I learned last week that I can submit articles about our church to the Enterprise at no cost! My first article appeared last week and I submitted another for this week. I believe one couple visited our church last Sunday after reading that article. It does give us the opportunity for more exposure to our community.

Lora reports that Warm House needs this week are Ketchup, canned peas and dried beans (1# packages).

This Sunday I will continue the series from the Gospel of John. Last week we saw the amazing affirmation John makes about Jesus in his Prologue (John 1:1-14). He states that Jesus is both with God (in His humanity) but he also is God (in His deity). We struggle to get our minds about those affirmations, but we accept them as truth because they appear in the inspired record, the Bible.

This week we encounter John the Baptist. The Jewish leaders wonder who he is. After making several wrong guesses John identifies himself as the forerunner of the Messiah.

On Wednesday we continue our study in the Book of Isaiah. We finish that study on Feb. 5th and move on to the Book of Hebrews. All are welcome to join us at 3:30. Choir practice follows at 4:45. Our little choir is working on a cantata for Easter and we could use some more voices. If you can carry a tune please consider joining us.

That is all for this week. Come join us on Wednesday and Sunday. Pastor Bowman

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