This Sunday I will continue the sermon series from the Gospel of John. John records Jesus’ first public miracle turning water into wine. There are some interesting implication that flow from that event. Sunday School will be at 9:30.  Following church we will enjoy our annual Valentine’s Day lunch served by the men. 
FCM (men’s group meets Tuesday at 9:30 with FCW (women’s group) meeting at 9:30 Wednesday. 
Bible study on  Wednesday at 3:30 will complete our study of Isaiah. The following week we begin our study of the Book of Hebrews. Of course, all are welcome. Choir follows at 4:45. We are still hoping that some will respond to our call for extra voices to help with our Easter Cantata. 
Marie and I will be gone on Feb. 16 attending the annual Ozark Christian College Preaching and Teaching Convention. It is always a great time of inspiration for us. Bill Siebert will be preaching on Feb. 16th. 
Have a blessed week!   Pastor Bowman

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