All I can say for certain about this week is that times are uncertain. If we are able to have church Sunday we will take one more look at Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman. He gave her and us some insights on worship.

On Wednesday at 3:30 our Bible study will continue our examination of the Book of Hebrews. Choir follows at 3:45.

One final thought. In Matthew 14:22ff we read the episode where Jesus walked upon the surface of the sea. The disciples were in a storm and were terrified. They were terrified of the storm, and even more terrified when they saw a man walking towards their boat on the surface of the sea! Jesus speaks, “Do not be afraid” (14:27). I believe He would speak those same words to us today. We may be thinking, “But what about the Corona Virus? That is something to fear.” Jesus says, “Do not be afraid.” We think, “But what if I catch it?” Jesus says, “Do not be afraid.” We think, “But the economy is tanking!” Jesus says, “Do not be afraid.” We think, “But what if…….” Jesus says, “Do not be afraid.” The reason he told His frightened disciples to fear not is because of these words: “It is I.” Jesus was with them so they had no reason to fear. Jesus is with us and so we have no reason to fear. Yes, we must be cautious and practice good hygiene and common sense, but we don’t want to allow fear to overpower us. We want faith in Jesus to overpower us.

Pastor Bowman

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