As the Corona virus continues to be a threat, all church group activities are canceled. How long this will go on is anyone’s guess. I am still keeping mu usual schedule at church. I am the only one here so I am observing social distancing! What am I doing? I am working ahead on sermons and Bible studies. I am doing the daily thought and prayer. I am going through books and CDS to see what I can discard. I am talking to members on the phone. I have the kind of job where there is always something to do.

Just a reminder that our expenses do not stop for the Corona virus! You may mail contributions to the church, PO box 968, attention Jackie Barb. No one will know what you contribute except our treasurer.

The sermon I am sending is one from 5 or 6 years ago. I tried to find a sermon relevant to the present situation. I hope it is helpful. When we all return I will continue with the Gospel of John and finish up with the Samaritan woman.

The question many are asking is “Why does God allow such pestilence to sweep our world.” I have a simple answer. I don’t know. I do know that we live in a fallen world and one of the consequences of that is sickness and death. I lost an aunt I never knew in the flu epidemic of 1918-19. 675,000 Americans lost their lives. Thank God our medical knowledge as vastly increased in the last 100 years.

But as we cling to faith in Jesus we know that heaven is our destiny, so everything is fine. I think one thing God is teaching us in these situations is just how much we need Him. Our country seemed to be on a very positive path, and then everything changed. God never changes. We can always depend on Him no matter what.

One day (soon, I hope) we will be back together as a church family. In the meantime stay safe, and keep the faith! Keep me updated on prayer requests or any other need that you may have.

Pastor Bowman


  1. Thank you pastor and Mark for your daily prayers and encouraging thoughts during these difficult days. Also,thank you pastor and Marie for being available to serve communion on Sundays.


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