The basic news for the entire month of April is “everything canceled.” No church services, no Easter celebration, no FCW, FCM. no choir, no board meeting. We will continue to follow Federal guidelines and hunker down for the month. This is certainly new territory for us. I cannot remember ever having to cancel church on Easter.

Mark Simmons and I will continue to send out daily thoughts. We hope they are helpful, and it is an electronic way of staying in touch. I sent out a paper/electronic sermon this week and will do so for Palm Sunday and Easter. I plan to do a second Easter sermon when we are once again able to gather together. We don’t really know the date of Easter, and I think it would be proper to celebrate Easter, Part 2 when we next come together.

I am keeping my usual work schedule at the church. I am the only one here so I am practicing social distancing. I continue to prepare sermons for each Sunday. The written version is not as satisfying to me as the spoken version, but it was what we have to do for now. Marie and I will be here again on Palm Sunday from 9 to 11 for anyone wishing to receive the Lord’s Supper. It was good to see those who came for communion last Sunday. Several have also sent in offerings which is appreciated. Because of past faithfulness I am sure we can survive financially for several months, but we prefer not to exhaust our reserve monies.

A few people have wondered why I had no columns in the Enterprise for 2 weeks. I submit an article weekly, but they only print them if they have the space. Maybe I will make it in this week!

Stay safe; stay strong. God is still in control.Jesus is still our Savior and Lord. This truth will never change, and is an anchor for our souls during this storm.

Pastor Bowman

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