Good morning, church family. I sure miss seeing you face to face. This week will be the same as last week. We will offer communion on Sunday morning on an individual basis from 9 to 11. Looking ahead, I think we will plan to open for services on June 7th, pending board approval. So far 33 of you have indicated you will plan to return to church in June. Things will be very different when we open again for services. Here are some of the changes you can anticipate in June.
In order to maintain social distancing we can only seat around 20 people in our sanctuary. This may mean we will have two services. One at 9:00 and one at 10:30, again, pending board approval. Here are some of the changes you can anticipate.

1. Masks are recommended. Since we have people with strong feelings regarding masks I am suggesting that they be required at the 9 AM service, recommended but optional at 10:30.

2. No offering plate will be passed. Offering plates will be present at each entrance for your use upon entering or leaving the sanctuary.

3. Communion elements will be picked up at the door when you enter the sanctuary.

4. There will be no hymn books or Bibles in the racks. Hymns will be printed on paper in the pews. You may discard them after the service.

5.No touch hand sanitizers will be located at each door.

6. For now, there will be no Sunday School, choir or Bible study on Wednesday.

7. Families may sit together, others maintain the 6 foot distance.

8. Doors to the church will be open so you will not have to touch the doorknob.

9. Communion will be done with the elders, but no deacons will be needed. Details later.

10. Bulletins will not be handed out but will be laid in the pews with the hymn sheet.

11. After the first service, the sanctuary will be thoroughly cleansed,

12. Please indicate whether you plan to come to the 9 AM service or the 10:30 service on June 7. I hate to ask you to make a reservation, but seating limitations make it necessary.

13. There may be other changes which will be announced. All of these changes are the result of informal discussions.

The board will make the final decision, so stay tuned!We are trying to adjust to an unprecedented set of circumstances. None of us are happy with these changes. However, the reason we come together is to worship God, and honor His Son, our Savior. We can still do that in spite of these changes.

Blessings in Christ, Pastor Bowman

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