I am sooooo eager to return to regular church services. I know some churches resumed services last week, while we decided to wait as did other congregations. I am hopeful that we will be able to resume services in June, with several changes. I just spoke with one pastor who resumed regular services last Sunday, with about 1/2 the usual number in attendance. I think we can expect that as well.

I just heard from our treasurer, Jackie Barb, and I am happy to report that finances are in good shape. Again, thank you for remembering our church needs during this unusual time.

For now, we will continue to offer individual communion this Sunday for those who feel safe to venture out. We maintain social distancing. Usually, only 2 to 4 persons are served at any one time.

I will continue to send out a weekly sermon in manuscript form. Daily devotions from Mark Simmons and myself will continue, along with Marie’s daily Bible serve.

So, we are continuing to function as a church, but in a reduced capacity. I look forward to seeing many of you this Sunday for our 3-minute communion service.

Keep the faith and keep those prayers going!

Pastor Bowman

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