Well, we got through our first Sunday back in church without a hitch. I know all the changes can be frustrating, but everyone cooperated. I commend you for your willingness to adapt to change. For those who do not yet feel safe to return, we understand. No need to apologize. Just come when you are ready.

I don’t think you need to “sign up” for services next week. We will again have a 9 AM service, masks required, and 10:30 service, masks optional. We found a place for everyone last Sunday while maintaining social distancing. So, just come to whichever service suits you.

I will be finishing up with the Samaritan Woman in John Chapter 4 next Sunday. I will be doing a first-person sermon to summarize the important dialogue that took place between Jesus and a sinful Samaritan woman.
I love the Gospel of John where the divine identity of Jesus is so plainly revealed.

A reminder that Sunday School, Bible Study, and Choir are suspended until further notice. We hope things will return to normal soon, but the “experts” do not seem to agree on when that might happen!

We are still doing well financially. Thank you for your faithful support of the church during the past several months when we were unable to meet together.

We will continue with the daily devotions for now. Grace, mercy, and peace be with you all. Pastor Bowman

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