We had our second Sunday with two services. The Official Board will meet this Tuesday (6/16) at 6 PM to discuss possible changes. I will issue a report on that meeting on Wednesday. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. While things have gone smoothly, the present situation is certainly not ideal. Everyone has been super-cooperative which is much appreciated.

I am somewhat perplexed about social distancing. We observe it in church, but last week Marie and I attended a wedding (outdoors) with no social distancing. After church, we ate at a restaurant that was full, and again no social distancing. I was sitting elbow to elbow with a perfect stranger! No one was wearing a mask. I think, as a church, we will try to follow the health department guidelines. Anyway, we have a few things to talk about in the board meeting.

Again, if you have any suggestions for the board please respond to this email either today or tomorrow.

Next Sunday I will continue the sermon series from the Gospel of John. We shall leave the Samaritan woman, and move on John 5 where Jesus discusses at length His identity. Borrowing from a C.S. Lewis phrase, I have entitled the sermon, “Jesus; Liar, Lunatic or Lord?”

Blessings to All, Pastor Bowman

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