We were back to a single service last Sunday. While attendance was lower than usual, things went well. We will meet again this Sunday at 10:00 AM. Again, no Sunday School, masks optional, enter at the side door to have your temperature taken, sit where you wish in pews not blocked off by tape, observe social distancing. In a word, everything the same as last week. Speaking for myself and the Church Board, we do appreciate the way everyone has cooperated with this new reality. The Board wi;; meet again on July 17 to discuss future changes. Your prayers for guidance are appreciated. While we are eager to return to normal, our main concern is to keep everyone as safe as possible. Call me if you have any questions.

This Sunday we will continue our examination of the Gospel of John. Jesus continues to make astonishing claims about Himself, declaring that He is the bread of life in John Chapter 6. As He explains what He means the Jewish leaders are horrified, and even some of His own followers abandon Him.

Blessings to all in Christ, Pastor Bowman

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