Are you as tired of the Coronavirus as I am? It just goes on and on. Thankfully, it has not touched our church family. We just continue to pray that God will lift this scourge from the world. We are trying to do our best to keep our church functional as we cope with the pandemic.

For the present, we are continuing with one worship service at 10:00 AM with Sunday School canceled. It seems to be working well with masks optional in the sanctuary and masks required in Fellowship Hall. Hopefully, the sound system will work better this Sunday. I will continue my march through the Gospel of John. We will be in John Chapter 7, examining especially verses 37-39 where Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to His people.

We will continue our Wednesday Bible Study at 3:30. Mark Simmons will be our leader as we explore what it means to come to faith. We have to be sure we have a relationship with God before we can grow in Discipleship.

Our next church board meeting will be at 6 PM on August 11.

Have a blessed and healthy week. Pastor Bowman

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