Next Sunday we continue the sermon series from the Gospel of John. If I had to pick a favorite Gospel I would pick John. They are all good, but John reveals so clearly the deity of Jesus. We will see that again Sunday as we examine the woman caught in adultery.

Last Sunday we had our highest Coronavirus attendance so far – – – 42. With the increase in cases, it is understandable that several of our members are not comfortable to be in church yet. I know we are all praying for an end to this virus. I wish I understood what God is telling us but I am uncertain. I just know that God is in control and He will accomplish His purposes.

Bible study is on Wednesday at 3:30. Jack Salyer will lead us in our study of discipleship.

Church Board will meet at 6 PM on Tuesday, August 11. We will continue to discuss if any changes in services should be made because of the Coronavirus.

May you all have a blessed, virus-free week! Pastor Bowman

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