Just about the time when we thought the Coronavirus was fading away. now it seems to have returned stronger than ever. Let us continue to plead with our heavenly Father for protection, and an end to this pandemic.

Our church board will meet on Tuesday at 6 PM. I am sure we will be discussing any changes needing to be made in view of the pandemic. While understandably our attendance has been down, we have been able to hold church services following recommended guidelines.

Wednesday Bible study is at 3:30. We will continue our study of discipleship. It will be the final lesson in a series of four on what it means to be a Christian. We have to be sure we have a relationship with Jesus before we can talk about discipleship.

On Sunday I will continue the series of sermons from the Gospel of John. We are in John chapter 8. The focus will be on Jesus as the light of the world. We will continue to stress social distancing in the sanctuary with masks optional. Masks are required for those sitting in the fellowship hall.

May you all have a blessed week. Pastor Bowman

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