There will be a zoom meeting tonight (Monday, 9/14) at the church at 6:30. We will meet Rawlie Hutton from the Solomon Foundation who will explain their ministry and answer questions, We will meet him live on our TV screen. All are welcome. If you have CD’s you might want to hear what Mr. Hutton has to say. 
Jack Salyer will be leading our Wednesday Bible study at 3:30.
The sermon on Sept. 20 is entitled “How to Save Your Life and Glorify God.”John 12:24-26. 
Looking ahead, Rick Grace from Disciple Heritage Fellowship will be our guest preacher on Sunday. Sept. 27. This is a ministry I was instrumental in starting in the 1980’s. It continues today under the leadership of Pastor Wayne Kent (Decatur, IL pastor at First Christian) and Rick Grace. 
Also looking ahead. Franklin Graham will be holding a prayer march in Washington DC on Saturday, Sept. 26th. It is a  time to pray for our country. Since most of us will not be traveling to  DC we will participate by meeting at the church from 11:00AM to around 1 PM. Marie will try to get the Washington march on our TV. If that is not successful come and pray during those hours for our nation. We certainly need God’s help in our country during these tumultuous times. 
Remember those on our prayer list. Have a blessed week. Pastor Bowman

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