Dr. Rick Grace will be our guest speaker on Sunday, 9/27. Rick works with Disciple Heritage Fellowship. He is an outstanding speaker and Christian leader. In two weeks I will be speaking on the meaning of foot washing as we continue our study in the Gospel of John. I believe I will be able to show the relevance of foot washing in a new way.

Wednesday Bible Study at 3:30 will continue our study of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Pastor Bowman will be the leader. Our focus will be on Jesus. We will look at 5 conclusions we make about Him based on Scripture.

Franklin Graham will be holding a prayer march in Washington DC on Saturday, Sept. 26th. It is definitely a time to pray for our country. Since most of us will not be traveling to DC we will participate by meeting at the church from 11:00 AM to around 1 PM. Marie will try to get the Washington march on our TV. If that is not successful come and pray during those hours for our nation. We certainly need God’s help in our country during these tumultuous times.

Walk with Jesus and have a blessed week! Pastor Bowman

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