Marie’s daily verse:Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God so that you will be able to stand against all strategies of the devil.

DEVOTION, 1/27/21, Hiding from God

The man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord (Genesis 3:8).

When Adam and Eve disobeyed a clear and modest command of God, sin was born. Sin is an act of defiance against the will of God. One consequence of their sin was an attempt to hide from God. Guess what? You cannot hide from God.

When we fall into sin, we are inclined to follow the example of Adam and Eve. We try to hide from God. When prayer fades away, and when we avoid the church, what are we doing? We are trying to hide from God. I recall speaking with a gentleman years ago who admitted, “I don’t want to come to God because I am afraid He will change my lifestyle.” He wanted to hide from God. He was correct. If you come to God by faith in the Lord Jesus, He will change your way of life. He will give you a new life. The change many fear will not result in unhappiness but in greater joy than we have ever known.

Here is the simple truth.  You cannot hide from God. You can avoid Him, but He has His eye on you. He only wants to do good to you if you will submit to Him. Those who try to remain hidden from God will only experience misery. Why would anyone want to avoid a God who loves us and wants to shower us with His blessings?

Gracious God, Father of our Lord Jesus, I confess there have been times in my past when I tried to hide from You. I did not understand the greatness of Your love. I wanted to live life my way. Thank You that You have shown me the way of salvation through the gift of Your Son. I praise You in Jesus holy name, Amen.

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