First of all, thank you all for your prayers. I was a bit apprehensive about what the angiogram might reveal, but the news was fairly good. While I do have a slight decline in my heart I was thankful to learn no surgery was indicated, just a change in medication. I am restricted a little this week. I can’t climb the 14 steps to get to my office so I am temporarily working downstairs. I should be good for stair climbing next week. 
Thanks to Jalyn Barb for filling the pulpit Sunday. She did a great job. She spoke of problems which we all have, and reminded us that we also have a God who loves us. While we are a little short on teen agers the few we have are super. 
The men’s group will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 8 AM. Women’s group meets Wednesday at 9:30 AM. 
We will resume Bible study at 3:30 on Wednesday, continuing our study of discipleship. 
On Sunday I will resume the sermon series from Genesis. We will be examining Noah and the great flood. Some believe the flood never happened. Jesus referred to it as an historic event. I believe Jesus! 
Pastor Bowman

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