THIS WEEK AT WARSAW CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 1/17/ THRU 1/23, 2022Sandi Schmitt is now available to provide Christian Counseling services to our church and community. She has a master’s degree in Christian counseling. There is no charge for her services. Sandi retired from her job recently and is eager to help those who may be struggling with a problem. If you need someone to talk to please call the church. Wednesday Bible study will continue our examination of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Our focus this week will be on the relationship between Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Join us at 2:30 on Wednesday. 

This Sunday I will continue the series from the Book of Romans. The title is “Forsaken by God.” The following Sunday (January 30) Tom Gee will be preaching.
May God’s grace abide with you this week.Pastor Bowman

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