Today’s daily verse: Surely God is my salvation: I will trust and not be afraid.  The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation (Isaiah 12:3). 

DAILY DEVOTION, January 18, 2021

We get an idea of what grace means from the Old Testament. Israel was often stubborn and rebellious, just as many of us are today. They deserved God’s judgment and wrath. But we note these words in Nehemiah 9:31: “Nevertheless in Your great mercy You did not utterly consume them nor forsake them; For You are God, gracious and merciful.” When we turn away from God or act in ways contrary to His will, we subject ourselves to His wrath. Those who forsake God should not be surprised when God returns the favor.

Nevertheless, our merciful God does not destroy us or forsake us if we will have the sense to repent and return to Him. Our God is “gracious and merciful,” and no matter how terrible our sins, He waits for us to return to Him. And when we do, He does not turn us away or scold us.  Instead, like the Father in the parable of the Prodigal Son, He watches and waits, hoping we will want to return to the Father’s house. That is grace. 

Father, I know I have offended You more times than I can remember. I thank You for Your grace and mercy which You offer to me when I repent and return to You. May I show that same mercy to others, in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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