Our new church library is taking shape. Marvin has the shelves in place by the side door. Rachel is working on the books. We also plan to have Christian DVD’s and CD’s available. 

FCM men’s group will meet for breakfast this Tuesday, March 1. All men are welcome. Come and join us for a great breakfast and time of fellowship. 

FCW women’s group will meet on Wednesday, March 2nd at 9:30. All church ladies are invited to attend. 

Bible study on Wednesday at 2:30. We will continue our study on the Holy Spirit. 

Sunday’s sermon will be a first-person sermon featuring the Apostle Paul. We have been studying his Epistle to the Romans. Sunday we meet the author. 

We should have warmer weather this week for which we thank God!  

May God’s goodness and mercy abide with you all.

Pastor Bowman

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