May 2,2022

Marie’s daily verse: For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, 

abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you (Psalm 86:5).


Cast all your care upon Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).

I recently read about a conflict in the middle east. A shepherd noticed that when a shot rang out or a bomb exploded, his sheep were startled and frightened. So the shepherd touched the frightened sheep and spoke calmly to them, and they soon relaxed.

This is a reminder to us. Much is going on in our world that disturbs us. With Covid, the war in Ukraine, and a host of personal problems, we can feel stunned. When we are scared or frightened – – – overwhelmed by the cares of this world, as we turn to our shepherd and trust in Him, we can find comfort and peace. We can cast all our cares upon Him because we know that He cares for us. When it seems that no one else really cares for us, we can count on the Good Shepherd. “He cares for you.”

Father, Your love and caring for me is awesome. Help me to always remember that. Help me to cast all my cares upon You because You care for me. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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