The FCW garage sale was very successful. Around $1500 was raised for their various outreach projects. Good job, Ladies. The fish fry lunch after church was wonderful. Thanks to all the guys who made it happen. I don’t want to list names lest I leave someone out! 

Marie and I were blessed by the two conferences we attended last week. The small church conference in Morton, IL was especially helpful. We attended a workshop where the emphasis was on the maturity of a church, not the size. Our task is to do what we can to help those who attend grow in faith. If that happens we are spiritually successful regardless of size. As a church, we strive to be faithful and trust God to take care of the numbers. Sometimes churches are so intent on seeking new members that the members they have are neglected. 

I was impressed by the numbers who attended the DHF Conference. DHF is growing, touching many more churches. As one of the founders of DHF, I was very happy to see that the ministry is expanding. 

Now on to this week. The FCM men’s group meets Tuesday at 8 AM. 

The FCW women’s group meets Wednesday for their annual guest day at 10:30 AM. 

Bible study Wednesday at 2:30 PM with Pastor Gee’s final session on leadership.  The following week I will be leading a study in the Book of Ephesians. 

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. I will be preaching on the theme “A Nameless Mother’s Faith” based on Matthew 15:21-28. 

May you all have a blessed week as we strive to be faithful to Jesus. 

Pastor Bowman

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